Pet Gift Set


A set of soap, spray, and treats for happy and healthy pets.

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We cannot see the logic of using healthy products for our skin and then using toxic synthetics on the animals in our life, after all, we love them and pet them, so we want them to be as healthy as possible, too.

In this gift set we have organic treats, a Chaparral Pet Soap and a Chaparral Pet Spray. Both the soap and the spray are excellent for a healthy way to keep fleas and ticks away and to prevent “hot spots” (areas on the skin that itch where a pet scratches or nibbles often so the skin can get sore).
If your pet suffers from hot spots, give the pet a bath using the soap to gently lather the fur and skin, then rinse off and dry normally. Use the spray between baths or once a day and brush into the coat.

The soap is very concentrated so start by gently running it over the fur and see how it produces a large amount of lather, otherwise, you might find yourself rinsing longer than necessary. We used this on our dog, Kobie, when we lived in chaparral country, just outside of San Luis Obispo, California where ticks are common, and it worked great.


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