Lavender Rosemary Soap

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Our answer to acne!


Our answer to acne, this soap contains a special high altitude lavender that works as an anti-inflammatory so it can shrink the size of pimples and the rosemary has been known for centuries to help balance natural skin oil so acne has less chance of coming back. Wash gently in the morning and the evening, do not skip, and let the lather remain on your face long enough to to brush your teeth and then rinse off. Most people see results in less than ten days. This soap is in our Acne Action Trio which we recommend for severe acne.

9 reviews for Lavender Rosemary Soap

  1. Maya Jhawar

    I’m in my mid teens and I’ve had acne since since I was around eleven. I was vacationing in Pismo and stepped into their store. The 3-day guarantee or refund was pretty compelling, and for fancy soap, $8 was pretty good. 30 second of lathering in the morning and 30 at night. and HOLY CRAP.

    I am not kidding when I say this stuff works. I have cystic acne, scarring, regular pimples, etc etc, and i have tried it all. Curology (which is a custom formula that costs $60 a month – too pricey for me) is the only thing that has worked CLOSE to as fast or as well as the lavender soap. People have commented that my skin is clearing and I have only been using it a week. I am excited to see how it tackles scarring as I continue to use it. I will probably buy around 30 of these to stash and gift. After washing, your face becomes tight and dry (not dried out dry, no flaking or anything, just not oily anymore) and you can slap on any old moisturizer after a couple of minutes and you’re good until the next wash. Unless my skin undergoes any major changes, I will probably use this for the rest of my life – it actually works, is natural, portable, sustainable and smells great. Thanks lavender soap!

  2. M.C

    Amazing!!!I have tried everything under the sun. Happened to stop in and this soap was recommended to me. It cleared my face up. I will not use anything else. If I run out my face goes haywire. This soap breaks up the oil, clears breakouts/prevents and helps improve the overall appearance of you skin. Highly recommend.

    • Heart’s Desire Soap

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  3. Tami

    I found this soap late in life when I was suffering from menopausal acne…and wrinkles! It changed everything. I no longer have breakouts and it doesn’t dry out my skin. I wish this had been around when I was a teen with cystic acne! Recommended to a friend who has had lifelong skin issues and she has used it with great success…I never want to be without my “miracle soap”…Highly recommend for anyone of any age!

    • Heart’s Desire Soap

      Thank you Tami!

  4. Kendall

    Throughout my life I’d had very slight acne, maybe a pimple here or there, but when I was 23, I inexplicably started severely breaking out all over my face – painful, cystic acne, papules and pustules, blackheads, and up to 100 pimples on my face at one time. I tried everything – switched from chemical face cleansers, to organic products, medicinal acne products, changed my diet, exercise plan, everything – over 6 months NOTHING was working and I was starting to get really worried. On a whim, my mom and I stepped into this shop when we were on vacation in Pismo. The man who helped us told us the story of the soaps, and was quick to point out this soap for my acne. I was skeptical but figured, for $8, it was worth a shot. THIS SOAP IS INCREDIBLE. I immediately noticed a difference in my skin, and now about a week later, my acne is almost completely gone. I am so happy with the results of this product and will definitely be buying more! Thank you so much Heart’s Desire!

    • Heart’s Desire Soap

      WOW! That is wonderful. This soap has done wonders for so many people. Thank you so much for your review.

  5. Mercedes Rutherford

    At first I was skeptical about using natural handmade soaps infused with essential oils. I was worried they would react poorly with my skin or not help at all (I have moderate acne and oily skin). I can’t remember the staff member’s name who helped me but she was so friendly and SO helpful. She recommended the perfect soaps for me judging from my skin appearance and what I told her about my skin issues. I ended up buying three types that specialized for oily skins, acne, and to help de-stress. I am SO happy with how the soaps have cleared up my skin in the past month and have left it feeling moisturized without the greasiness. I highly recommend this great local soap company. The employees are knowledge, products are great, and prices are decent for handmade. Plus side–no more harmful store bought chemicals on my face!

  6. Jazzmyn

    Love this soap! I switch between this and the tea tree soap for only my face and they not only last me forever but have helped my acne immensely! I was even able to get off my medication!

  7. Angelina Morrison

    I have been using this soap for over a year. It has cleared up my acne. If I go a couple days without using because I am waiting for a shipment I will break out. I stopped spending hundreds of dollars on acne products and live by this soap. I even have my teenage sister using it and she loves it.

  8. Makayla (verified owner)

    I was desperate for a face wash that would actually work and wouldnt just dry out my skin and waste my time. I was starting highschool in 4 days and I had more acne than ever in my life when I dropped into the slo location and one of the workers pointed out this rosemary soap bar to me and I had to try it. Within those four days of washing my skin 2x a day, 75% of my acne had already gone way and my skin felt so soft! I bought the soap in August and it has lasted me until January, and I will most definitely be buying more.

  9. Michele

    This soap really works for acne, and it does not dry out your skin. Love it.

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