Just 4 You


Our four most popular soaps. Hard to keep in stock! This is a variety pack of half-bars individually wrapped fresh for you!


Our four most popular soaps. The Cocoa Merlot soap is often purchased as a novelty soap but once a customer uses it they are convinced that it is much much more! It deeply moisturizes, and the wine and chocolate are strong anti-oxidents, so people feel the difference! The three remaining soaps have such a wonderful aroma and feel that customers keep coming back for more. We routinely have repeat customers buying 8 or more of these on each visit to the store.

COCOA MERLOT, with strong anti-oxidents of dark chocolate and (California’s central coast) merlot wine, this soap is extraordinary because it helps with wrinkles and ‘chicken skin’ (keratosis pilaris). A great facial soap, but also wonderful over the whole you. You will smell like a delicate cherry that’s been dipped in chocolate.

ALMOND COCOA BUTTER, a gentle soap that’s enriched with organic cocoa butter, fabulous on dry and normal skin and one of our most popular facial soaps. The marzipan scent is intoxicating.

LAVENDER SILK, with vitamin E, fine pink clay that ever so gently exfoliates and our blend of lavender essential oils, to help calm nerves and as a gentle but effective antiseptic, a very popular facial and body soap.

TRIPLE COOL MINT, with spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils can help ease headaches and energize the spirits. This soap also has hempseed oil that is rich in enzymes and vitamins to help nourish skin. It also has peppermint leaves sprinkled on the back of the soap and so exfoliates very gently. An excellent deodorizing soap.


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