Eczema Express Trio


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This is our answer to eczema.


This is our answer to eczema. The trio contains 1 Gift of Ghana Soap, 1 Kaizen Soap, 1 Natural Butter-me-Baby Shea Butter 2 oz size, and 1 instruction sheet.

It’s best to bathe the areas that have eczema once a day, though twice a day is also good. Use the Gift of Ghana Soap first and when you bathe, wet the areas first, shut the water off, lather the affected areas first, and then lather the rest of your body. Finally, turn the water back on and rinse off. This gives the lather enough time to gently work. An hour before bedtime, melt enough shea butter by the palms of your hands and apply to any affected areas, rub in gently and your skin will absorb the amount it needs in about 10 minutes or less. Next time you shower, use the Kaizen soap in the same way and then alternate the soaps. If you keep the soaps dry between uses these two soaps can last up to 12 weeks. Most people see results in 10 days or less.

We guarantee this trio to help, when used this way, and we have many, many customers from Europe to Japan who agree.


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