Cocoa Merlot Soap

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Chocolate and merlot wine are very strong anti-oxidents and can help speed healing.


Pronounced (ko-ko-mer-low). Chocolate and merlot wine are very strong anti-oxidents and can help speed healing. As a facial soap, it can help reduce wrinkles and moisturize your skin with organic cocoa butter. We have many customers claim that this soap helps to get rid of keratosis pilaris which are those little raised bumps usually on the upper arms, and that some people call ‘chicken-skin’. We use merlot wine in this soap which comes from a local winery here on the central coast of Califonia. Rich in chocolate chips, the aroma is heavenly (and it’s calorie free too 🙂

3 reviews for Cocoa Merlot Soap

  1. Lesley Kuck

    I used to live in Morro Bay and was able to purchase these wonderful soaps as needed. But I moved down south and SLO is a 3 1/2 hour drive. Boo! But when I visit my brother and his family here, I make sure to stop in and pick up my favs. Lavender Chocolate and Cocoa Merlot are my top two. I just tried their new Almond Scenred shampoo and I was amazed at how full bodied and soft my fine, thinning dry hair was after using. My hair actually feels healthier. I love everything I try here… And k love that everything is made fresh, unlike some other “BathBODY” products out there.

  2. mike

    i just picked this up not to long ago.. found this awesome shop in San Luis obispo . All my life I’ve been using regular liquid soap . and i was always left with dry skin . on my stomach and elbows.. this soap is such a relief for me. it doesn’t lather up much so don’t worry , cause i though i had to really let it lather up but just a quick shower has me hooked to this soap .. 10/10

  3. Natalie

    I got a half-bar of cocoa merlot as a gift and I immediately fell in love with the smell, which only got better when I finally used it. I suffer from occasional chicken skin on the backs of my arms and the soap definitely smoothed the bumps out there as well as made the rest of my skin ultra soft. The soap felt rich and luxurious when I lathered it up, and it lasted basically forever before I had to order a full bar. After I showered, my roommates wanted to know why the bathroom smelled so amazing and I had to refer them to Heart’s Desire. This soap freakin’ rules.

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