Almond Cocoa Butter Soap

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A perfect soap for sensitive skin.


This soap is especially good for people with sensitive skin. Rich in organic cocoa butter with a hint of almond essential oil, it’s marzipan scent is hard to resist. This soap is one our most popular facial soaps, but if you use it on your body, you will feel like heaven. One of our favorites, we used to run out of this soap regularly.

3 reviews for Almond Cocoa Butter Soap

  1. Angela Thompson

    This soup is AWESOME. I absolutely love it. It makes my skin so soft. My husband’s says i smell deliciously sweet. We make sure when we’re out your way we stop by to stock up.

  2. Lisa

    I picked up this soap a while back and am completely hooked. Whenever we are in the SLO area, I make to stop by and pick some up. Last time, I bought 3 at once of this one scent. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling great too!

  3. Sophia

    I picked up this soap a few weeks back after I decided to go all-natural. I will never use another soap (unless it’s from Heart’s Desire, of course) again! It smells just like almond paste, I can use it on my face, and it makes my skin feel like an angel’s butt. I have never been able to use commercial soaps like Dove, as it always made my already dry skin look like dragon scales. Plus, I can actually read the ingredients on the packaging! I will definitely be buying this again!

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