4 Sensitive Skin


We’ve found these soaps to be the most gentle with more delicate skin types.¬†This is a variety pack of half-bars individually wrapped fresh for you!


We’ve found these to be the most gentle with more delicate skin types, either because of sensitivity to typical skin care products (the ones that claim to be natural but still use preservatives and are stale) or sensitive to sun, wind and emotions.

ROSE PETAL HONEY, made with crushed roses from our garden, rose geranium essential oil, and organic honey (from California’s central coast), the honey draws moisture to the skin and rose and it’s oils can help regenerate fine cell tissue. We donate a portion of the profits from this soap to breast cancer research.

KAIZEN, our most prescribed soap, it has a powerful infusion of green tea, and kelp with anise, vetiver and ylang ylang essential oils. This soap will help draw toxins out of the skin and replace them with anti-oxidents. The special blend of essential oils can help calm nerves and can help itchy skin.

ALMOND COCOA BUTTER, a gentle soap that’s enriched with organic cocoa butter, fabulous on most skin types and one of our gentlest soaps.

LAVENDER SILK, with vitamin E, fine pink clay that ever so gently exfoliates and a blend of high altitude lavenders, to help calm nerves and as an antiseptic, it’s extremely gentle on sensitive faces.


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