4 Experienced Skin


These 4 soaps are for those of us that have witnessed changes through time and awareness. This is a variety pack of half-bars individually wrapped fresh for you!


Perhaps your skin has aged faster than your spirit, perhaps you’ve spent too much time in the sun way back when, perhaps you’ve spent too much time in adverse work environments where freeborn chemicals have affected your skin. Maybe you’ve become tired of what other companies call ‘natural’, but are preserved (& are so very very stale) and it’s affecting you. Perhaps you’ve never had herbal skincare made fresh for you daily! These 4 soaps are for those of us that have witnessed changes through time and awareness, and for those that have lost more than we bargained for. All four soaps can help eliminate fine wrinkles over time.

GIFT OF GHANA, a unique blend of organic oat flour and organic shea butter, with a calendula infusion, this soap can help in reducing scar tissue and can often help take away small scars over time completely. This soap was first developed for a pre-teen who is diabetic, now an adult with superior healthy skin. This soap is nearly unscented with a faint scent of oats. (This soap is also beneficial for infants, infants with eczema and pregnant women.)

ROSE PETAL HONEY, with crushed roses from our garden, rose geranium and organic (Central Coast) honey, this soap can help to regenerate fine cell tissue and the honey draws moisture to the skin slowly and naturally, a favorite for sun damage and sensitivity.

LAVENDER SILK, with vitamin E, fine pink clay that ever so gently exfoliates and our blend of high altitude lavender essential oils, to help calm nerves and as an antiseptic, a very popular facial and body soap. Rich in olive and coconut oils, this soap moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. All the lavender we use grows at a higher altitude than California lavenders and so it has less camphor and a more relaxing, calming scent. A pure, wonderful soap that will truly clean your skin and moisturize at the same time.

ALMOND COCOA BUTTER, a gentle soap that’s enriched with organic cocoa butter, fabulous on most skin types and one of our gentlest soaps. Also of the purest quality, this soap is a favorite of newly sensitive skin types.


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