Perfumes and Essential Oils

Synthetic-free perfumes are infinitely safer to use on your body than conventional perfumes. Conventional perfumes may contain several hundred synthetic chemicals that have never been tested for safety. There is substantial evidence that many of these chemicals get absorbed, enter the bloodstream and are treated like poisons within the body, eventually accumulating in the liver and other organs and may eventually cause serious health problems. Since they have never been tested for safety, it stands to reason that it would be best to avoid all products that use the word “fragrance” anywhere on the label. This word has been co-opted by the chemical industry and alerts you to the fact that they are man made complex concoctions and they are very likely to be toxic to your body.

Our essential oil perfumes do not use any fragrance oil normally found in commercial perfumes and will not accumulate in the body, since they are much simpler molecules. All of our perfumes are made with only essential oils from plants known for their centuries-old medicinal and aromatherapy values in a base of organic jojoba oil and/or coconut oil. The 1/2 oz. bottles have a rollerball top for easy application.