Our Process

Our Process:

We strongly believe that synthetic ingredients and potentially toxic chemicals have absolutely no place in the products we use on our skin. We are already surrounded by a huge number of complex chemicals in our home, our commute to work, at work, even in our clothing and many people are sensitive to these chemicals without knowing it. Almost all skincare products compound this issue with even more synthetic chemicals, further compromising sensitive and damaged skin.

Time tested, natural, fresh ingredients are dramatically effective and healthier to use because they are biocompatible with our skin and they routinely deliver stunning results! We are committed to using effective synthetic-free ingredients for the health of our customers, and because we want our customers to live a long and healthy life.

Research for our products is done by Joanne, in house, through thousands of years of accumulated knowledge from ayurvedic, native american, and chinese medicine practices. We do not use the so called ‘latest technology’ in skincare because using stem cells or newly discovered chemicals has no track record and we strongly believe it is wrong and potentially dangerous to make our customers into ‘guinea pigs’ to test those types of products.

We are the ONLY company in the USA that handcrafts herbal soaps FRESH every morning so you get the full benefits of our infusions, teas and essential oils we make them from. If you are used to buying the soaps in health food stores that look like a slab of cheese, then you are in for a much healthier product that we make fresh for you daily. We use no artificial colors, no fragrance oils, no fillers, and no preservatives. Most people who try our soaps for the first time feel a difference immediately in their skin and if you use our soaps regularly, YOU WILL NEVER NEED LOTIONS AGAIN, saving you money.

Health food stores sell soaps that are slices of a big soap loaf that stays on the shelf for months before you get it, and the companies that make them won’t even go through the expense of making them into bars for you, so it makes us question what ingredients they are using. To us, these stale products are just geared to make profits, not to help their customers have healthy skin.

Glycerin soaps are another matter. Prior to the fossil fuel industry, companies would make soap similar to the way we make it and then extract the glycerin from the soap, in a somewhat costly and time consuming process. These days, the glycerin is made directly from either propane gas or diesel fuel because it is far cheaper to do so and this is why, for obvious reasons, you should never use glycerin soaps made this way on your skin. Any glycerin we use in our products comes from natural vegetable processes only.

You may have heard of other companies that started selling products similar to ours, but these companies became too large and then needed to make their products have a shelf-life because they needed to mass produce them for many outlets. (Lush Co. comes to mind) They turned to preservatives and as anyone knows preservatives kill living things. Exactly why would you knowingly put that on your skin?

Although Heart’s Desire Soap Co. has grown from it’s humble beginnings, we remain committed to expanding the company gradually and organically, NEVER sacrificing quality for the sake of profits.

Because we own the research, development and production from start to finish we can ensure the highest quality every step of the way. We manufacture only in small batches in our downtown San Luis Obispo store, where any day of the week you can watch us make the freshest and healthiest skincare products behind a glass partition.

Do you moisturize your skin every day? If the answer is yes, then how does your skin feel if you go several days without moisturizing? If the answer is dry, then the moisturizer you are using is not working very well for your skin. (However, it is working well for the company that makes it, since they can be assured of continued profits from you.)

Our customers tell us every day: “Your’s is the only soap I can use” and ” I don’t need lotions when I use your products” and “I felt a difference in my skin the first time I used your products” and this is aside from our customers who had skin ailments that benefited from the products we recommended for them.

Our process is straightforward in that if we get 3 or 4 requests from customers for a particular product, we will see if we can produce that product ethically, naturally and cost effectively. Once a prototype is made we consider how it may be made better, with either longer lasting effects or added benefits.