Frequently Asked Questions

Q. About how long will one bar of soap last?
A. If you bathe your whole body every day and keep the bar dry between uses then it will last between four and six weeks. If you are using the bar only as a face wash, and you wash twice each day, it will last eight to fourteen weeks.

Q. Does the soap lather?
A. All our soaps produce a very fine, rich lather.

Q. How should I bathe for the best health results?
A. You should wet your whole body down in the shower with warm water, then shut the water off, and then lather any affected areas first and then lather the rest of your body. Now turn the water back on and rinse off. This produces the best results.

Q. Does your soap contain lye (sodium hydroxide)?
A. Real soap cannot be made without lye, but NO, our soap contains no lye in the finished bar you use. How is this possible? Lye is used as a catalyst and the trick is to perfect a formula that will eliminate all the lye that is used to catalyze or ‘saponify’ the oils. Lye turns into soap when it is mixed with oil. We use food grade lye, the same lye that’s used in olives and bagels.

Q. What is the added benefit of using fresh soap instead of soap made months ago?
A. You already know that herbs & spices picked today are better than ones picked a few months ago, they are more potent. If you want your soap to help your skin to either heal or be healthier then it’s just common sense to use something that’s fresh rather than something that is stale. Our 100% natural formulas prove this every day in showers all over the world.

Q. If I buy your products now and want to give them as a gift later, how long are the products good for?
A. All of our products are made to be used within a year, but we can always ship to a third party for you and at a time you specify, just use the comment box on the order page and let us know what the gift card should say, and what date it needs to arrive. No extra charge!

Q. Are all your products vegan? (Using NO animal products)
A. Yes, they are completely vegan and we use nothing from animals at all except for organic beeswax in our lip balms and our lotion tubes.

Q. Does your soap contain glycerin?
A. When oils are saponified, glycerin is a natural by-product of the process, so YES our finished bars do contain natural glycerin. We do not add glycerin into our soap formulas. Normally, in commercial products, the glycerin is commonly removed chemically (this makes for a soap that dries out and cracks your skin). Then, the glycerin they have now removed is reconstituted and sold back to you in lotions so you can moisturize‚Ķ.you can see that they’ve taken your money twice now!)

Q. Can you ship overseas and retain the freshness?
A. We’ve shipped to Canada, Europe, Japan, England, Switzerland and Australia with great results, and these customers have ordered multiple times. Normally it can take up to twelve days to travel but customers are completely happy with the products when they’ve used them. Our repeat overseas business proves this.

Q. Do you guarantee health benefits from your products?
A. We are prevented from doing that, legally. However, we stand behind our products 100%, so if you are not satisfied FOR ANY REASON, we will return your money! Just send us any unused portion and we will refund your money! (We’ve had one return in over 40,000 customers, thus far.)

Q. How many applications are in the 4oz spray bottles?
A. About 200.

Q. The Butter-Me-Baby products are great but will you be making a 4oz and an 8oz jar?
A. Yes, we will!

Q. Will you be making any 100% natural haircare products?
A. We are testing some prototypes now, so as soon as we have them, we will put them on the website.