We are a family owned and operated business, and are dedicated to helping people have healthier skin and healthier lives. We started the company originally just to make products for ourselves; Joanne suffered from rosacea so bad, her face would bleed when she washed it and Eric was so allergic to fragrance oils, he would get migraines that would last days if he was exposed to them in addition to painful rashes. Joanne hasn’t had an outbreak of rosacea now in 14 years and Eric never gets a headache or rash from any of our products. We are dedicated to making products ethically, naturally and cost effectively for our customers.

We are all surrounded by a huge number of complex chemicals in our home, our commute to work, at work, even in our clothing and many people are sensitive to these chemicals without knowing it. Almost all skincare products compound this issue with even more synthetic chemicals, further compromising sensitive and damaged skin and in some cases, creating skin problems.

We are the ONLY company in the USA that handcrafts herbal soaps FRESH every morning so you get the full benefits of our infusions, teas and essential oils we make them from. If you are used to buying the soaps in health food stores that look like a slab of cheese, then you are in for a much healthier product that’s made fresh for you daily! We use no artificial colors, no fragrance oils, no fillers, and no preservatives. Most people who try our soaps for the first time feel a difference immediately in their skin and if you use our soaps regularly, YOU WILL NEVER NEED LOTIONS AGAIN, saving you money.

Slo Store 1

Both Joanne and Eric grew up and met in New York City (in high school, class of ’72) and went their separate ways. They met again in 1991. Eric had been an exhibiting fine arts painter on the east coast, but after his galleries closed in the recession of 1989, he found a creative job as an art director in the theme parks of Florida. Joanne was a manager of a clothing store in Tampa.

After they married, they moved to LA and then to Santa Monica where Eric freelanced for Universal Studios, Disney and other shops in the film business and Joanne fulfilled her dream to complete her education and often assisted Eric on his projects when her schedule allowed.

They decided to move to the central coast of California after falling in love with the area on many vacations there. They purchased 40 acres on a mountaintop just outside Santa Margarita where together, with the help of friends and family, they built a house that is solar and wind powered. In the meantime, Joanne got into Cal Poly and continued her education and Eric continued to get some creative work: the complete redesign of the San Luis Obispo Mission interior, where he designed and painted all the murals and redesigned and completed the Altar, (with Joanne pitching in when she could); the interior murals in the Santa Ynes Mission in Solvang, California along with numerous privately commissioned work in New York, and California.

Fresh Every Day 2

In 2001, Joanne’s rosacea had flared up and she began studying what natural remedies she could create for herself. After much research and experimentation, she came to make 3 products that were effective for her and worked in less than 4 weeks. Having spent time and money to create products, she felt she needed to share her products with others and so together with Eric, they spent the next 7 years participating in Farmer’s Markets and craft shows talking with customers about their skincare needs. Joanne worked at creating a line of products that were always natural, fresh, and effective.

One day in 2009, at the depths of the last economic downturn, they went for a morning walk in Pismo Beach where a vacant storefront seemed a good place to maybe make ends meet with her products. What began as a tiny mom and pop store now employes their daughter/manager Christine and nine other great employees with three brick & mortar locations and a busy website store. Joanne still goes by the same code she started with: “If I get 3 requests for a product that I don’t have, then I look to see if I can create it naturally, ethically, and cost effectively.” They now produce all their products where you can watch them behind a glass partition in their 3000 square foot downtown San Luis Obispo store, just one block from the California Mission they painted together. Some of Eric’s many paintings can be seen decorating the walls of the store there.

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